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Just to let you know...

  1. Classes must have a minimum of 5 people signed up & paid to be held.     (Refunds will be given to those who have paid if class is not held.  Thank you!!)

  2. All classes run for 10 weeks.

  3. Coupons do not apply to YOGA.


What you need to sign up...

  1. Know if you are a Drop In Fitness Member or not.

  2. Have a credit or debit card to use in PayPal to finish the transaction.

  3. Write down the coupon code from the "Discounts" page.


Here's the skinny...

  1. Click on the 'CLASSES' button above

  2. When the list of pages appears, choose from Member or Non-Member Classes.

  3. From there, choose which classes you would like to join.

  4. Remember to apply the coupon at the end of the cart total, before you complete the transaction.

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