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Shannon Benzel


My goal as a personal fitness instructor is to help others achieve their fitness goals through motivation and education.


I am certified by NETA in Pilates, Personal Training, Group Fitness, Barre Pilates, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Tabata, Kick Boxing, Tai-Chi and Boot Camp.  I am also pursuing certification in Nutrition and Stott Barre and Pilates. 


My life has always centered around fitness because it is very important to me.  After high school, I worked, moved, started a family and worked out almost every day.  I enjoyed the workouts so much that in 1997, I began a serious weight lifting regimen in preparation for Body Building competition. It was a short career, as  I had my second of three children in 1998.  


As my children grew, I needed to also. I returned to the fitness industry and began the certification process for all of the above styles.  I have been Certified and instructing since 2008. Since that time I have taught well over 1000 classes!



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