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Single Monthly Membership

Full gym access for one only $35 a month.

Family Monthly Membership

Membership for you and your immediate family for only $50 a month

Senior/Service Monthly Membership

Our facility is senior friendly and comes with a discount to the monthly membership. Costing you only $25 a month.

Single 6 Month Membership

6 months of full gym access for one only $180.

Family 6 Month Membership

Six month membership for you and your immediate family only $255

Single Visit

Out of town and just need a quick workout out of town? come in once for $5.

Family Monthly Membership

Join the fun.

Everyone is welcome at Drop In Fitness.  The more the merrier of course!  You will have to stop in and check out the equipment to be sure we have something you have enjoyed using before or maybe something new to you! 


Membership prices are as follows:        Single  Monthly Membership                 $35                     

                                                       Family Monthly Membership                 $50       

                                                       Senior/Service Monthly Membership     $25

                                                       Single 6 Month Membership                $180      

                                                       Family 6 Month Membership                $255

                                                       Single Visit                                        $5

* We can bill nearly all insurances that provide you with a fitness benefit!




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