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Currently only accepting nutrition clients

Jared Johnson



-----Sports Nutrition (ISSA)

-----AFAA Personal Trainer

Personal Achievements:

-----Dakota State University Track & Field

-----USA Track & Field (Two Years)

-----NPC Competitive Bodybuilder




My name is Jared Johnson, and I have been doing nutritional counseling for the past four years.  Recently, I have also taken up work as a personal trainer.  I have helped many local athletes reach higher potential than they were capable of reaching on their own.  Through proper nutrition and exercise, I firmly believe anyone can achieve their goal of better strength, better balance, and beter physique. 


Before involving myself in athletics, I was one of the skinniest people around.  I had no strength to speak of either.  Realizing the changes I wanted to make, I spent much of my time researching and then putting to practice techniques to improve my health and wellness for the better.  I specialize mainly in building muscle and achieving a strong, lean build: however, any goal can come to fruition with the proper approach. 


I also work as the Assistant Manager for Mankato Vitamin World.  I have a vast knowledge of nutritional supplementation and what is worth your investment and what isn't. 


If you have any questions or would like to meet up for a complimentary introductory session, don't hesitate to contact me!


Jared Johnson

Call/Text:  507-401-7829









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